#139 – BOXING CHAMPION” Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz BUILDS 70 TRUCK FLEET; SCALED (40 Trucks) In Just 3 Years!

Early Life of 70 truck fleet owner:

For the first time in the history of Truck N’ Hustle, an interview was conducted inside a boxing ring. Juan Diaz, known as “Baby Bull,” is a four-time boxing world champion and now a successful entrepreneur with over seventy trucks in his truck fleet.

Diaz’s parents moved from Mexico 40 years ago to seek better opportunities in the United States. Diaz was born and raised in Houston, Texas.

Diaz credits his parents with instilling in him a strong work ethic. He shares how his parents had struggled to raise him and his younger brother, putting in long hours at their jobs and providing the kids with only the bare necessities. Diaz recalls that he was bullied constantly while he was in school. Fed up with the bullies, he fought back and turned the tables on them, beating up his former tormentors.

When the complaint reached his home, Diaz’s father was pleased and enrolled him in the boxing gym.

Diaz began boxing at the age of 8, and by 13, he had won his first national title. He claims that boxing has given him a deep appreciation for life and keen insight into the human condition.

Diaz became world champion at age 20 in 2004, becoming the second-youngest boxer ever to hold that title. He claimed his second title two years later, followed by another two the following years. Success in sports is fleeting, and Diaz was soon dethroned after holding the title for several years.

After losing the world championship, Diaz realized that he would have to do something else to make a living.

Along with his brother Jose, he started multiple businesses, including a car dealership and a painting business, neither of which proved successful.

Diaz, who also owned a truck, was introduced to the trucking world when his friend decided to use the vehicle for a shipment and get paid, now he has a seventy trucks in his fleet.

Interaction with TN’H:

After accidentally introduced in the trucking industry, Diaz and his brother have made JDExpress one of the most successful companies in its field. The company has over 70 trucks, including intermodal and flatbed divisions. In an interview with Truck N Hustle, Diaz told the story of how he got his business off the ground and built it into a successful enterprise.

Diaz says, “Trucking is not easy.” When his business started, Diaz’s brother Jose used to drive the truck fleet while Diaz handled all the paperwork. To sustain in the industry, both brothers struggled a lot. From applying for a CDL to getting an LLC and other permits, Diaz did his research and studied the industry well to get through it all. The former world champion also discusses a time in 2012 when they bought this gooseneck trailer, and how they made more money with it, so they decided to expand their business.

In a one and a half hour-long interview, Diaz shared his experience as a businessman and insights into the challenges of running a trucking company. He had to address many questions about the industry and also gave his opinion on it. Overall, he gave away useful insights regarding truck fleet business to anyone interested in the trucking industry.

Final Thoughts:

At the conclusion of her interview, Diaz motivated many young people by saying “it’s always good to have a dream no matter who you are. If you work hard and never give up, you can achieve that dream. This will lead to a fulfilling life.”

To know more about JDExpress, Please view the Video Below


Episode Timeline

[skipto time=2:59]2:59 – Early life. [/skipto]

[skipto time=31:51] 31:51 – The successor of the business.[/skipto]

[skipto time=34:01]34:01 – Finding customers. [/skipto]

[skipto time=1:14:17]1:14:17- International customer. [/skipto]

[skipto time=2:21:35]2:21:35- How does the company grow. [/skipto]


About The Host

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Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz would become a world champion. He would retain his title until he suffered a lost from Nate Campbell which made Juan think about leg after boxing seeing how fickle the sport was. Soon Juan would stumble into the trucking industry starting a business with his brother and also pro boxer Jose. JDExpress was born. Today the company has over 70 trucks including intermodal and flat bed division.

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