#130 – LAST MILE LOGISTICS WIZARD Owns 25 + VEHICLES, “COMPLETELY” Breakdowns His 30 Years In Business!

Early Life:

Larry Zogby, the man behind the wizard of last-mile logistics delivery, spent his early adulthood in the food industry. He spent five years as a manager at a restaurant that specialized in catering services. Larry grew up in a very strict environment with his four other siblings. His father taught during the day and was an entrepreneur at night. Larry’s father started a company called Radiology Delivery Service (RDS) that delivered medical equipment to hospitals or clinics on the same day the equipment was ordered.

Larry graduated in 1986 and had always planned to open his own restaurant, but fate stepped in and took him down another road. When Larry’s father decided to sell the company, no one in his family wanted to take over the business. This turned out to be an last mile logistics opportune moment for Larry, who jumped at the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and expand his family’s business.

Larry once saved up enough money to open a restaurant. However, upon learning of his father’s plan, Larry bought the company from his father and became one of the biggest Last-mile delivery companies in the country.

Interaction with TN’H:

Number-crunching Larry Zogby’s fascination with the bottom line has helped him in his quest to become a savant of profit and loss, managing expenses, pricing services, and valuing his business. His fixation with the figures also made for an amusing interview.

Owner of the Radiology Delivery Service, Larry, explained to the audience how the service’s delivery and messenger service works. He said they deliver all kinds of medical records–x-rays, MRIs, bloodwork–using their own vehicles and foot messengers. During the interview, Larry explained the mechanism of the company. He also gave a valuable insight into the matter.

The Wizard had a lot to say about the industry in an interview that lasted almost two hours. It would be unfair to summarize his thoughts in just a few words. However, among the lessons that fledgling entrepreneurs can take away are how Larry Page leveraged his expertise to scale up the business, what equipment is used in delivery, and how one finds the customers who need these services.

Larry also stressed the importance of knowing the numbers in the business to the audience. He said that it helps the business grow to understand the statistical impact of profits and losses. As a business owner, he advises that you brand your company as much as possible. He feels brand promotion is very important, and for that, he shares statistics on the amount of money you can invest in it.

Final thought:

 In his final thoughts, Larry shares an incident from his first Inter industry conference, when he met a person in 2000. He says he was blessed to meet a mentor who literally encouraged him to get involved in the industry and taught him to fly. He says he was so moved by this education that he changed his life for the better.

Admitting the limitations of his own knowledge, the entrepreneur concluded that even mentors have mentors.

For more information on Larry Zogby and his informative interaction, Please view the Video Below

Episode Timeline

[skipto time=9:19] 9:19 – The business takeover. [/skipto]

[skipto time=11:47] 11:47 – Ways to deliver radiology equipment.[/skipto]

[skipto time=16:07] 16:07 – Where to find your potential customers. [/skipto]

[skipto time=22:11] 22:11 – How to earn trust. [/skipto]

[skipto time=30:39] 30:39 – Why should people choose your company. [/skipto]

[skipto time=1:10:35] 1:10:35 – The importance of numbers. [/skipto]

[skipto time=1:26:41] 1:26:41 – Why is Last-mile delivery a good option. [/skipto]


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Larry Zogby

Larry Zogby has become a wizard in the industry with over 30+ years in last-mile logistics. Larry, a New York City native has his hand on the pulse of the city. This has helped him grow his company into a leader in the industry.

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