#133 – After 20 Years In PRISON, Start’s “BOX TRUCK” Furniture Delivery Company With $7,500

Early life:

Ed Hennings is so inspiring, how to start a box truck business and it’s almost unbelievable. The story of a man who went to jail after making some bad decisions but who never, ever gave up is something we can all learn from.

Hennings was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up in a community full of shady and crooked people, and unfortunately, this environment led him to make some bad decisions and landed him in prison for 20 years. While serving time in prison, Hennings took a cosmetology course. His dream was to open his own barbershop as soon as he was released. He opened the shop after only one year of being released from prison. how to start a box truck business As he was only recently instated in his new business, one of his clients introduced him to the information about trucking, which also helped him understand how it worked.

The client who taught Hennings about the last-mile delivery business was a driver for Amazon and had his own truck. Hennings was intrigued by what he saw as an opportunity to make considerable money. Hennings started by researching the logistics of starting his own business. Soon enough, using savings from a barber business that he had owned, he bought a box truck and started his own company.  

Interaction with TN’H:  

In an interview with Truck N Hustle, Hennings shared his experiences during his time in prison. He read hundreds of books and applied what he’d learned to improve the quality of life for other inmates. He began to work on himself, becoming a more disciplined person with a strong work ethic. He developed a passion for barbering while cutting the hair of his fellow inmates in prison. His experience developed a love of hairdressing in him, which opened a barbershop.

When asked what he would tell a person interested in entering the trucking industry, Hennings explained that he had researched various aspects of the trade before buying his own box truck. He also discussed how he started a last-mile delivery business, noting that it was more intricate work than he anticipated. Hennings discussed the factors that a new contractor should consider when starting up a business and gave tips on improving last-mile delivery.

Hennings discussed how he has made his mark in the “white glove” furniture delivery industry through various perspectives, including the importance of focus and overcoming obstacles presented to him daily. He also told TN’H that he is now determined to create opportunities for others from the same community to start their own trucking businesses. In an hour-long interview with TN’H, Hennings gave a thorough and informative last mile delivery business overview. From the challenges faced initially to the strategies he developed to meet customer needs, Hennings spoke about everything he considered necessary.

Final thought:

Hennings concludes the podcast by saying, “There’s no such thing as failure; there are only quitters.”

Research is the key to success in the trucking industry, said Hennings, who also added that anyone who wants to succeed in the business must be dedicated to self-improvement. He also stressed the importance of execution.

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Episode Timeline

[skipto time=8:37] 8:37 – The life of Prison. [/skipto]

[skipto time=11:04] 11:04 – Work on yourself.[/skipto]

[skipto time=20:50] 20:50 – How Trucking began. [/skipto]

[skipto time=24:13]24:13 – Requirement to start Last-Mile Delivery. [/skipto]

[skipto time=40:27]40:27 – How to grow. [/skipto]


About The Host

rahmel - how to start a trucking company

Rahmel Wattley

The creator & host of Truck N’ Hustle, is a renowned personality in the trucking & logistics industry who hosts podcasts with the reputed & successful trucking entrepreneurs to share the knowledge required to start & sustain the logistics business!

how to start a box truck business

Ed Hennings

Ed Hennings's story is one of accountability, faith and redemption. After spending 20 years in prison he was able to turn his life around and reinvent himself by building a successful last-mile trucking business. Ed found his niche in the “white glove” furniture delivery space and has not looked back since. Through his testimony, Ed is now determined to empower others from his community to start trucking businesses of their own.

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