#136 – Rising “SOCIAL MEDIA” Star & TRUCK DRIVER; GETTING PAID FOR VIEWS, Shady Trucking Companies & More

Early life:

Charlotte native Vee Lee thinks how much do trucking companies make her personality rebellion is the reason she was raised by a stepdad. She was smart as a kid, constantly breaking the rules for its thrill and always getting caught. Lee was once expelled from her school for a year and did online schooling until the school allowed her to come back—a decision she now says changed her life.

How much do trucking companies make when Lee started out majoring in history in college, she hadn’t fully grasped the material and quickly changed her major to political science because she’d always wanted to go to law school. As she soon discovered, law school programs were not for her. Lee started to find odd jobs while she was in college, and one job that caught her fancy was being a cosmetologist. She worked in a salon for a while until she decided to open her own business. Nevertheless, the salon suite business did not do well enough to sustain itself for more than two years.

Lee moved to Atlanta when she was five months pregnant. Because she could not find a decent place to live, she struggled through many bad days. She started working as a security guard to make ends meet and held other jobs, but eventually returned to work at a law firm. According to Lee, her family had been involved in trucking for several generations. She, however, wasn’t interested in the field. After not being able to find or sustain a decent job, she went to a driving school where she graduated, got a CDL, and worked as a truck driver. Today, Lee is considered how much do trucking companies make one of the dopest influencers in the trucking industry.

Interaction with TN’H:

During her interview with Truck N’ Hustle (TN’H), Vee Lee described the driving school she attended, the ways that learning to drive a truck has benefited her life, how long it takes to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and the most challenging part of learning to drive a truck.

In her interview, Vee Lee described how she debunked the misconception of being a truck driver and shared her craziest story about her experience on the road. She also explained the process that led to her start creating her own content. Lee began creating content in 2018, including skits and comedies. She started creating content about trucking when she was attending truck driving school to encourage women who would be joining the industry. In addition, she spoke about the importance of creating a steady stream of content.

By sharing her experience interacting with sponsors, Lee has helped many aspiring influencers gain insight on how to approach brands and other organizations. Vee confides in the audience that she has found a way to merge her skill for driving trucks with her passion for making engaging social media content, allowing her to share her adventures while also making money.

Final thought:

In her final thoughts, Vee Lee encouraged other entrepreneurs to be willing to learn and to soak up everything they needed to succeed in business. Make sure you are well-rested in order to ensure your physical and mental health is at its peak.

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Episode Timeline

[skipto time=3:34]3:34 – The early life. [/skipto]

[skipto time=10:02] 10:02 – The struggle.[/skipto]

[skipto time=29:17]29:17 – Misconception of driving a truck. [/skipto]

[skipto time=34:30]34:30- The tale of creating content. [/skipto]

[skipto time=53:16]53:16- Laws of money management. [/skipto]


About The Host

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Rahmel Wattley

The creator & host of Truck N’ Hustle, is a renowned personality in the trucking & logistics industry who hosts podcasts with the reputed & successful trucking entrepreneurs to share the knowledge required to start & sustain the logistics business!

how much do trucking companies make

Vee Lee

Vee Lee is currently one of the Dopest Trucking Influencers In the trucking industry. As a driver, her Videos Get Millions of views across social media platforms as she shows a real-life and often comedic look into her journey as a new lady truck driver.

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