#124 – “THE SECRET” To Making 100K PER MONTH DISPATCHING TRUCKS From A Cell Phone!

Early life: 

Sam Chaudry, the owner of U Consulting, once spent five years behind bars. His rough upbringing and brushes with the law taught him that his place was anywhere but home. 

For as long as he can remember, trucking dispatcher was something he was doing because his uncles owned a big business in trucking, and he learned a lot from them. He excelled at dispatching, managing truck and route communication, and driver relations. 

After being released from prison at the age of 20, he worked for a Diner. After hating it, he applied for a job at a trucking dispatcher company and got called in for an interview. He immediately got the break he had been waiting for: a job as a truck dispatcher. He started working at this dispatch company soon after and managed 14 trucks. 

Impressed by his dispatcher business skills, one of the company owners wanted to start a new company with Sam. They created a company together, but it failed. 

Interaction with TN’H:

After inadvertently failing in his previous business, Sam started a new firm called U Consulting. U Consulting is a Dispatch Company that helps new truck investors start and scale their trucking businesses.

In an exclusive interview with TN’H, Sam shares his thoughts on truck dispatching, the most important skills to have, and how he got started. The business in which he is involved, Sam claims, is relatively unregulated; there are plenty of shadows and dark corners. Many people who work for him tend to be coachable. 

Sam also dispenses his hard-earned knowledge on getting started and about the beginning stages of setting up a consulting dispatch company. He offers his thoughts in two halves: one for drivers, who understand their business, and one for investors who do not.    

In a fit of inspiration, Sam shared his ideas and pieces of knowledge with the dispatchers on how to book loads and what traits make for a good load. U consulting handles all the compliance issues facing their dispatchers. During an interview, Sam explained how he takes it without jeopardizing the business of his dispatchers. 

Sam spoke of the trucking community and industry at great length. He touches on how to recruit, select, and retain drivers. He explains strategies for getting the best rates and other secrets to success. 

Final thought: 

Sam concluded his remarks by saying, “This is a very profitable industry with lots of money to be made. If you, do it the right way, you don’t need a background in finance to succeed.”

U consulting has a website or contact him on his Instagram to contact him. He looks forward to your messages. 

To discover more about the episode, Watch the video below. 

Episode Timeline

[skipto time=11:41] 11:41 – What dispatching mean to you.[/skipto]

[skipto time=13:14] 13:14 – The kind of investor you seek. [/skipto]

[skipto time=14:35] 14:35 – Process explained.[/skipto] 

[skipto time=21:06] 21:06 – What is comfortable routing. [/skipto]

[skipto time=27:43] 27:43 – RoadSync features benefits for owner-operators. [/skipto]

[skipto time=28:34] 28:34 – What is a good load.[/skipto]

[skipto time=43:07] 43:07 – Taking care of compliances. [/skipto]

[skipto time=52:49] 52:49 – Strategies on recruiting drivers.[/skipto]

[skipto time=59:37] 59:37 – Difference of good rate and bad rate.[/skipto]


About The Host

rahmel - how to start a trucking company

Rahmel Wattley

The creator & host of Truck N’ Hustle, is a renowned personality in the trucking & logistics industry who hosts podcasts with the reputed & successful trucking entrepreneurs to share the knowledge required to start & sustain the logistics business!


Umair Chaudry

Umair Sam Chaudry is the Owner of U Consulting. U Consulting is a Dispatch Company that helps new truck investor start and scale their trucking businesses.

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