#174 – $20 Million Dollar Luxury Bus & Shuttle Service, 100 Vehicles!

Apple Music Spotify Tune in to the podcast featuring Colombian-born Daniel Perez, to hear how he rose up from humble beginnings to build a $20 million luxury transportation empire! Learn how Daniel created opportunities and achieved success with his innovative business mindset.  KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Daniel Perez’s Origin Story Early Stages of DPV Transportation WorldWide Business […]

#171 – New Technology Promises More Money Back In The Truck Drivers Pockets!

Apple Music Spotify Today on the podcast we have a special guest discussing a revolutionary new app that was set to change the lives of drivers forever. Setting our minds to start to race with new possibilities, we have Mr. Lee Rector, President of eMPower Data Logistics to share his inspiring journey. So, get ready […]

#169 – $50 Million Dollars Per Year Leasing & Selling Trailers!

Apple Music Spotify The CEO of Darda Management Group shares his journey into the trailer sales and rental industry. The discussion was about- “How Selling And Renting Trailers Took Darda Management Group from Zero to Nearly $50 Million!” Five key takeaways from this podcast: A glimpse into the overall strategy and business goals in detail. […]

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