Build WEALTH “FLIPPING” Dump Trucks; PASSIVE $$$ Subcontracting & Why You Should OWN ODD # OF TRUCKS


In this exclusive podcast, our host Rahmel Wattley engages in a conversation with Perry Jones, widely known as the Country CEO. Perry shares his valuable insights on a unique approach to earning money in the trucking industry without personally driving the trucks. He delves into the art of wealth creation through the strategic purchase and sale of new dump trucks, and highlights the fascinating science behind owning an odd number of these vehicles.

5 Key Takeaways From The Podcast

  1. Perry explains how he leverages subcontracting to earn profits. By connecting dump truck owners with construction companies in need of their services, Perry creates a win-win situation, allowing him to earn a commission while eliminating the need for personal driving responsibilities.
  1. He shares his knowledge on purchasing brand-new vehicles at competitive prices and then reselling them at a premium.
  1. Perry unveils an intriguing concept in the dump truck business—owning an odd number of vehicles.
  1. He emphasizes the importance of building a strong network of construction industry contacts, maintaining excellent relationships with clients and subcontractors, and constantly seeking new opportunities. 
  1. He discusses common obstacles faced by dump truck entrepreneurs, such as intense competition, fluctuating fuel prices, and regulatory compliance. 


Join us in this podcast where Perry Jones sheds light on an unconventional yet profitable approach to earning money in the trucking industry. Perry’s expertise in dump truck subcontracting and strategic investment strategies offers valuable insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. By leveraging his knowledge, aspiring dump truck entrepreneurs can navigate the industry’s challenges, build wealth, and establish themselves as successful players in this ever-evolving field. 


Perry Jones, also known as the Country CEO, is a renowned figure in the trucking industry. With his expertise in dump truck subcontracting and strategic investment strategies, he has carved a niche for himself.

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