#105 – How To Build A TRUCKING EMPIRE with NO TRUCKS!

Early Life:

Courtney Petty, a Georgia peach, likes to describe herself as such. She was born and raised in Atlanta and currently owns Bumble Bee Dispatch. However, her story of how she got into trucking is quite interesting.


Petty got into the trucking industry through her older brother, who is twelve years older than she is. Her brother has always been in the trucking industry. It was when her older brother went to prison and decided to teach Petty, who was then a mere girl, all about trucking. However, Petty wasn’t interested in trucking. She thought trucking was only for men. Eventually, she decided to get into the trucking industry by asking her brother for advice and then getting a lot of information from various sources.


When Petty’s brother returned from prison, they started a freight brokerage. Petty says that it was not easy to manage. After the success of their freight brokerage business, the brother-sister team began to create a trucking company. Petty managed the company while she sat behind a computer screen. Then she realized if she could manage this one company, she could manage any other company. As Petty gained experience, she also started managing and dispatching for other companies. Within a week, she made two thousand dollars in dispatch fees.


As Petty grew the company, she partnered with industry leaders and expanded the fleet to 200 trucks.


Interaction with TN’H:

 In order to start her own business, Petty took advantage of opportunities that came about when her older brother was imprisoned. She soon launched Bumble Bee Dispatch. Bumble bee dispatch dispatches over 200 trucks and provides carriers with a one-stop-shop.


This is a great story of how one woman started her own trucking company, and it’s not always easy. She had to research the industry before she could get started, but now with her insights, we know that there are some things every entrepreneur should consider when starting out in this business.


As an entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering how to get your first carrier. Well, luckily for you, Petty is here with the answers. She’ll tell us what it takes and give advice from someone who has been there before – so take notes because this could save time or money in trying again later down the road when we need dispatchers too. Petty tells the audience how she got her first carrier as a dispatcher, how to pitch carriers to prospective new dispatchers, and many more tips that make life in a dispatch center easier.


Petty not only dispatch but also teaches how to do so in her company. You can find some tutorial clips on YouTube where she goes through the process with ease and clarity, making it easy for anyone who is interested or has questions about this subject matter.


Final Thought:

The interview ended with Courtney Petty’s final thoughts on life and trucking. She said that we should all step outside of our comfort zone because doing so will allow for greater progress towards goals or success (step inside).


Petty said, “Being in your comfort zone will hinder you from progressing in life – step outside of your comfort zone.” She went on to say about trucking that “it’s not always easy, but it’s persistent.”


To know more about Bumble Bee Dispatch, Please view the Video Below


Episode Timeline

[skipto time=2:59]2:59 – Early life. [/skipto]

[skipto time=31:51] 31:51 – The successor of the business.[/skipto]

[skipto time=34:01]34:01 – Finding customers. [/skipto]

[skipto time=1:14:17]1:14:17- International customer. [/skipto]

[skipto time=2:21:35]2:21:35- How does the company grow. [/skipto]


About The Host

rahmel - how to start a trucking company

Rahmel Wattley

The creator & host of Truck N’ Hustle, is a renowned personality in the trucking & logistics industry who hosts podcasts with the reputed & successful trucking entrepreneurs to share the knowledge required to start & sustain the logistics business!

Courtney Petty

Courtney Petty is different. She's a Serial Entrepreneur and the owner of Bumble Bee Dispatch which now dispatches over 200 trucks and also serves as a one-stop-shop for carriers. Her company does it all from setting up operating authorities to offering a suite of ancillary services to carriers on an as-needed basis. In addition to dispatching, she also has built a trailer rental business that rents out over 150 dry van and flatbed trailers.

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