#117 – IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR, 2 Sisters START Over 100 TRUCKING Companies!

Early life:

Lashanta and Lateasha Witherspoon are known as the “Compliance Queens.” In their short time in business, together with their compliance specialists, they have helped 95 trucking companies how to start a trucking company effective trucking companies. They were born in Birmingham and raised in southern Alabama, lacking proper facilities or any semblance of a proper town. The sisters are so in love with trucking that we can say the genetic predisposition to trucking is in their genes. That is because their father was a successful trucker for over 20 years, and they literally grew up in his trucks.

How to start a trucking company the sisters knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs, like their father. They entered the trucking industry in a humble position as dispatchers and car haulers for friends and family. Seeing the money grow made them eager to start their own business. As an entrepreneur, Lashanta has always felt uncomfortable with the idea of paying out workers weekly. She comes from a background in finance and accounting, and she continues to manage the same part of their business. Lateasha handles logistics, and she is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. 

After having worked for a while as dispatchers for families and friends, they identified the issues that might impede their venture’s success and began to develop a strategy for overcoming those obstacles. Later, the sisters will make a smooth transition from the dispatch side of the business to back-office support and compliance experts how to start a trucking company.

Interaction with TN’H:

When they noticed that their dad and other truck drivers needed help running their back-office, accounting, and compliance, they decided to launch a business helping other truckers. LLG Transportation Consultants is an all-in-one trucking and transportation solution. The two L’s stand for Lashanta and Lateasha, and the “G” stands for their late brother Gregory Jr.

In an interview with TN’H, the sisters reveal the resources and skills they used to educate themselves about trucking regulations and their methods for researching the subject to gain a better understanding of complianceLateasha discussed the importance of knowing compliance in order to run a trucking company. She emphasized that the average trucking company loses $500 for not obeying the proper permits and compliance needed for the vehicle.

Lashanta and Lateasha have a lot to say about trucking regulations. The truckers might find what they share about starting a business in the industry of particular interest. They have explained almost everything needed to begin their own ventures, including the DOT and MC numbers for different types of trucks and the EIN. When asked about new additions to the company’s compliance program, Lashanta told TN’H that the company’s clearinghouse was a new addition. She said it went into effect in January 2020 and is based on drug and alcohol testing of truck drivers.

LLG Transportation Consultants LLC has assisted over 400 clients in starting their own trucking companies. The firm is currently assisting 100 clients in building their trucking businesses. 

Final thoughts:

Lateasha said, “Position yourself where you don’t need anybody, but you respect everybody.” She also said, “Never give anybody the opportunity to feed you because you also give the opportunity to starve you.”

As her final advice, Lashanta urged young entrepreneurs to be more authentic and serve integrity. She also advised them not to be afraid of the repercussions that might result from doing the right thing.

Please view the Video Below to know more about trucking regulations and compliance


Episode Timeline

[skipto time=4:52] 4:52  – The start of trucking. [/skipto]

[skipto time=15:26] 15:26 – The transition to LLG.[/skipto]

[skipto time=23:44] 23:44 – The importance of compliance. [/skipto]

[skipto time=42:41]42:41 – New things in compliance. [/skipto]


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Lashanta & Lateasha Witherspoon

Lashanta and Lateasha are the proud CEO’s of LLG Transportation Consultants, LLC. LLG Transportation Consultants is a one-stop shop for all your trucking and transportation needs.

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